Spirits in Spacesuits
2019-08-18 How Free is Free Will?
2019-08-11 The Four Stages of Compassion
2019-08-04 Transfiguration, Then and Now
2019-07-21 Karma, Destiny and Fate – and Chaos Theory!
2019-07-14 Heaven and What It’s Like
2019-07-07 Quantum Mechanics, Transpersonal Psychology and Mystical Spirituality



Saying What’s In Your Heart

A good homily is a child conceived in the expectant womb of curiosity by the sperm of original thinking. It involves two kinds of preparation: (a) Remote Preparation extending over many years, involving personal mentors, lived experiences and dedicated study time, and (b) Proximate Preparation involving meditating deeply on the specific topic of the talk to be given.

My mentors were, firstly, a mystic Catholic great-grandmother who, if she had been born into a Sufi family, would have fully understood, “La illaha. Il’ Allahu.” (which Coleman Barks suggests is best rendered in the West as, “The ‘I’ is an illusion. Only God is real.”) Secondly, a druid grandfather who immersed me in the folklore and music of ancient Ireland. And, thirdly, a lieutenant colonel in the Irish Army (Con O’Sullivan), our public-speaking instructor in the seminary, who insisted, “the key to a great homily is to never preach anything you don’t believe!”

My remote preparation also consisted of a fascination with science (leading to a BSc in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Physics), with psychology (leading to a PhD) and with spirituality (which was fostered during eight years in the seminary.) Fourteen years living in Kenya gave me a love for mythology and proverbs, and a realization that all the Wisdom Traditions of the planet (oral or written) are “The Word of God.” The icing on the cake has been a 49-year-long practice of meditation.

And my proximate preparation, in the days before creating a homily, is to spend hours trekking in the mountain-forest near my home in Tír na nÓg, Healdsburg, with a wad of paper and a pen stuffed into my jacket pocket.

Whether we look through the eyes of deep science, mystical theology, soaring poetry, creative stories, insightful psychology or endorphin-releasing humor, we will discover that the ultimate truth is there is only God.

I invite you to share the journey, to set out on safari, to jump dimensions, to pierce the veil.

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Fr. Seán ÓLaoire, PhD

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  1. The Evolution of Jesus in the Gospels 2017-12-31
  2. I Am Your Enemy, Because I Love You 2017-12-24
  3. Is Jesus God’s Only Son? 2017-12-03
  4. What Is The Sound of the Lord’s Prayer? 2017-11-10
  5. The Demythologized Life Is Not Worth Living 2017-11-05
  6. From Source to Soul to Ego and Back 2017-10-29
  7. Bodhi’s Baptism – What Is a Sacrament? 2017-10-22
  8. The Factors that Fashion the Future 2017-10-01
  9. The Religious Dilemma: Fundamentalism or Mysticism? 2017-09-24
  10. How Do We Know What’s Real? 2017-09-03
  11. The Evolution of Awakening 2017-08-20
  12. Transfiguration 2017-08-06
  13. How Long Before Heaven Gets Boring? 2017-07-30
  14. What Did Jesus Teach about Reincarnation? 2017-07-16
  15. Who Hijacked Pentecost? 2017-06-04
  16. What, in God’s Name, Does Karma Mean? 2017-05-21
  17. Compassion is Born When Love Meets Fear 2017-05-07
  18. A New Look at The Problem of Evil 2017-04-30
  19. Resuscitation versus Resurrection 2017-04-16
  20. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 1: Looking at 2017 Through God’s Eyes
  21. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 2: The Revolutions of Evolution
  22. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 3: Politics and the Pyramid of Power
  23. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 4: Dismantling the Matrix & Overcoming the Programming
  24. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 5: Justice and the Future of Humanity
  25. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 6: Practices for Grounding the Mission
  26. 2017 Retreat, Lecture 7: The Rosary as a Fractal of Cosmic Evolution
  27. The Weaponization of Life 2017-03-19
  28. A Celt in California – Songs, Proverbs and Stories from Ireland 2017-03-12
  29. Practicing the Science of Spirituality 2017-03-05
  30. Justice and Forgiveness – Strange Bedfellows? 2017-02-19
  31. Before Vatican II – The Good ‘Ole Days? 2017-02-05
  32. Inspiration and How We Come to Truth 2017-01-29
  33. Recovering The Rosary – The Inner Meaning of the Five Glorious Mysteries
  34. Dismantling The Matrix And Overcoming The Programming 2017-01-01
  1. Motherhood and the Priesthood of Women 2016-12-25
  2. The Genealogy of Jesus 2016-12-18
  3. Interfaces: God/Creation, Humans/Nature and Soul/Mission 2016-12-04
  4. The History of Prayer Beads and The Rosary 2016-11-27
  5. Fundamentalism and Meme-Making 2016-11-06
  6. Culture Is the Ego of a Community. 2016-11-04
  7. Blessed Is the Womb That Bore You. 2016-10-08
  8. Are You With Me or Against Me? 2016-10-07
  9. The Stories That Death Resurrects from Our Memories 2016-10-02
  10. The Existentialists Get Hold of The Simple Story of Job 2016-10-01
  11. Was Jesus Really Cursing Capernaum? 2016-09-30
  12. The “Son of Man” and The “Hands of Men” 2016-09-24
  13. What Would You Do If You Knew Who You Are? 2016-09-23
  14. The Relay Race That Involves Life and Death 2016-09-18
  15. Unpacking The Parable of The Sower 2016-09-17
  16. The Young Jesus Movement and How It Got Diverted 2016-09-16
  17. Projection, Aggression and Karma 2016-09-09
  18. How to Build a Vibrant Spiritual Community 2016-08-28
  19. The Archived Wisdom of Jesus' Parables 2016-08-27
  20. What Will You Do When You’re President and Pope? 2016-08-21
  21. The Mathematics of The Mystery of God 2016-08-07
  22. Take Up Your Cross Daily And Follow Me 2016-08-05
  23. The Blind Leading the Blind 2016-07-31
  24. No Prophet Is Accepted in His Own Home 2016-07-29
  25. The Parable of the Sower 2016-07-22
  26. Mining the Scriptures for Mystical Insights 2016-07-17
  27. The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath 2016-07-15
  28. Elijah and the Problem of the Prophets 2016-06-10
  29. Do You Believe in God? Which God Do You Mean? 2016-06-05
  30. Who Will the Messiah Be? 2016-06-03
  31. Time and Space Wait for Nobody 2016-05-29
  32. Jesus Curses the Fig Tree 2016-05-27
  33. What is Me and What is Ego? 2016-05-22
  34. Jesus Speaks on Marriage and Divorce 2016-05-20
  35. When Death Becomes A Mystical Experience 2016-05-15
  36. Simon, Son of John, Do You Love Me? 2016-05-13
  37. You Will Be Sad But The World Will Rejoice 2016-05-06
  38. Celtic Spirituality - Before and After Jesus 2016-05-01
  39. This Is My Commandment, That You Love One Another 2016-04-29
  40. Getting Tripped Up By Literal Thinking 2016-04-23
  41. In My Father’s House, There Are Many Mansions 2016-04-22
  42. Excuse Me, Where’s The Kingdom of God? 2016-04-17
  43. How Much of Your Body Belongs to You? 2016-04-16
  44. Jesus, You Just Blew It, Dude! 2016-04-15
  45. Watching Jesus Warp Time and Space 2016-04-09
  46. What Did You Do With The Bread And Fish? 2016-04-08
  47. How Could Jesus Grow in Wisdom, If He Was Already God? 2016-04-03
  48. What Happens When The Gospels Plagiarize Each Other? 2016-04-02
  49. Follow The Carpenter; Become Fishers of Men 2016-04-01
  50. The Resurrection of Jesus: Fact, Reality or Truth? 2016-03-27
  51. Easter Stories Through My Ages 2016-03-26
  52. Eucharist and the Seder Meal 2016-03-24
  53. Jesus’ Death - A Fractal of Cosmic Evolution 2016-03-20
  54. They’ll Kill You If You’re a Healer! 2016-03-19
  55. The Most Misunderstood Man in Human History 2016-03-18
  56. Know Yourself, Know Your Neighbor, Know God 2016-03-11
  57. Satan - Three Strikes and You’re Outed! 2016-03-06
  58. What’s The Real Meaning of Marriage? 2016-03-05
  59. What’s The Difference Between Love and Sacrifice? 2016-03-04
  60. How Would You Know What’s “Real”? 2016-02-26
  61. Temptation - The Royal Road to Enlightenment 2016-02-21
  62. Perfection and Compassion - Are They the Same? 2016-02-20
  63. Unless Your Holiness Surpasses That of the Priests’ and Bishops’… 2016-02-19
  64. Jesus the Psychologist 2016-02-13
  65. Ash Wednesday - Celebrating Father Sun and Mother Earth 2016-02-12
  66. The Bhagavad-Gita Meets the Superbowl 2016-02-07
  67. The Rich Young Man in the Secret Gospel of Mark 2016-01-31
  68. How Did I Wind Up On Planet Earth? 2016-01-30
  69. How Would You Know if You Were Going Mad? 2016-01-23
  70. Have You Found Your Soul Pod? 2016-01-22
  71. What Can You Do to Save the World? 2016-01-17
  72. What Happens When Defense Mechanisms Disable You? 2016-01-16
  73. What Do You Do When Your Roof Falls In? 2016-01-15
  74. Bonfire Night in Ireland and The Story of Plagiarism 2016-01-09
  75. Meeting a Leper for the First Time 2016-01-08
  76. Who Are the Ministers of the Sacrament of Baptism? 2016-01-03
  77. Who Issued Your License to Preach?! 2016-01-02
  78. Nurturing the Freshly Born 2016-01-01
  79. Nurturing the Newborn Year of “2016” 2016-01-01
  1. Knock, Knock - Who’s There? You! You Who? 2015-12-20
  2. Using Food as an Aid to Enlightenment 2015-12-19
  3. How Many Miraculous Conceptions Have There Been? 2015-12-18
  4. Enoch, Elijah and Jesus on Reincarnation 2015-12-12
  5. We Don’t See Things as They Are, but as We Are 2015-12-11
  6. Inventing God, Assassinating God and Resurrecting God 2015-12-06
  7. Jesus - His Job Description and The Harvest 2015-12-05
  8. Scripture, Dreams, Faith and Miracles - Understanding God’s Cosmos 2015-12-04
  9. End Times - Is Christ On His Way Back? 2015-11-29
  10. Do You Want Truth or Just an Argument? 2015-11-21
  11. Leprechauns Hide Pots of Gold in the Bible 2015-11-15
  12. Making God in Our Own Image and Likeness 2015-11-14
  13. The Science of Spirituality and Soul Empowerment 2015-11-13
  14. Jesus the Zen Master 2015-11-06
  15. Souls and Saints - Happy Halloween! 2015-11-01
  16. The Law is the Law is the Law 2015-10-30
  17. Jesus Meets Aesop - Parable and Fable Dance 2015-10-25
  18. Ego or Soul - Who's in Charge? 2015-10-23
  19. “This Is My Body...” 2015-10-04
  20. Fear-Based Thinking or Fractal-Based Thinking? 2015-09-20
  21. All The World’s A Stage… 2015-09-06
  22. Serial Killer Reaches Enlightenment 2015-08-30
  23. The Truth Compactor 2015-08-16
  24. Love Your Enemy?! 2015-08-02
  25. Calvin, Quantum Mechanics and Free Will 2015-07-19
  26. The Celts - Spirituality and Christianity 2015-07-05
  27. Mary the mother of Jesus 2015-05-31
  28. The Problem of Evil 2015-05-17
  29. The Gospel of Mary - From Information to Inspiration 2015-05-03
  30. Which Version of Reality Do You Believe In? 2015-04-19
  31. The Reality of Resurrection 2015-04-05
  32. “One man must die...” 2015-03-29
  33. The Covenant of (Re)incarnation 2015-03-15
  34. Wisdom and Knowledge - What Is The Difference? 2015-03-01
  35. Being a Multi-Dimensional Dreamer 2015-02-15
  36. The Psychology of Spirit - Is Life a Battle Or a Dance? 2015-02-01
  37. Does Prayer Really Work? 2015-01-18
  38. The Four Stages of Baptism 2015-01-04

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