Spirits in Spacesuits

Welcome! Fáilte! Karibu!

You are Entering a Caol Áit...

Gaelic for a Thin Place, a place where the veil between the mystical and the mundane is diaphanous, affording us a view of the other side. It is a Power Spot, in which we temporarily break from the cultural trance that keeps us locked in littleness, and soar, wide–eyed, into our true patrimony of Spirit. It is a place that allows us to recognize that we are, indeed, Spirits, who have chosen the spacesuits of incarnation.

Spirits in Spacesuits is a website aimed at an audience of truth-seekers across the entire spectrum — from science to spirituality. It honors the efforts, insights and searchings of all traditions by unveiling their own mystical cores and seeks to seamlessly weave a tapestry and find their common thread. It shows the water table that feeds all the wells.

May this Website Inspire Your Search...

Whether we look through the eyes of deep science, mystical theology, soaring poetry, creative stories, insightful psychology or endorphin–releasing humor, we will discover that the ultimate truth is there is only God.

I invite you to share the journey, to set out on safari, to jump dimensions, to pierce the veil.

May God continue to hold you tenderly in the hollow of Her hand.



Fr. Seán ÓLaoire, PhD

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Seventh Day Adventist Church
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