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Watch 2023 Retreat Videos – “Mysticists: The Next Stage of Our Evolution?”

Although this event took place March 19–22, you can still experience it! Links to the entire Retreat Series Videos appear after the Introduction below.


From the time I was a teenager in Ireland, the Celt in me wanted to weave a triple-knot story reminiscent of the standing–stones petroglyphs of the Druids and the illustrations of The Book of Kells. And so, I have spent the last 60 years interlacing my studies of science, psychology, and spirituality into one holistic thread.

As part of this thinking, I have striven to liberate spirituality from the reductionism of religion and the concomitant abasement of scriptural revelation to mere literalist, fear-based dogma.

And I’ve attempted to set science free from an outdated monist–materialism which, in spite of over a hundred years of study in the field of quantum mechanics, still pretends that matter is all that exists, and that consciousness is an illusion.

And so, some years back, I invented the term, “Mysticists” to mean a hybrid group who are both mystics and scientists. I believe that this is the next phase of human evolution.

So, in the 2023 Retreat – God willin’ an’ de creek don’t rise – I plan to focus on the two parts of my book, “Setting God Free,” which were not covered in last year's retreat - “Setting Science Free” and “Setting Spirituality Free.”

And I’m REALLY looking forward to hugging a whole lot of people!


Tír na nÓg

Retreat Videos

  1. Language: The Move from Homo Sapiens to Homo Sapiens Sapiens
  2. Incarnation: Here I Am, Lord
  3. Setting Spirituality Free
  4. The Science of Spirituality
  5. Setting Science Free
  6. Bring on the Mysticists
  7. Homo Christus

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