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We have a Father in Heaven Who Provides for Us

There is a difference between looking and seeing. There is a difference between listening and hearing. A lot of people can look but they don't see. A lot of people can listen but they don't hear. When you look and listen you're an observer to a process. You're standing apart from the process. And you're merely observing some kind of phenomenon.

When you see and you hear, you're a participant in the process. You're not just an observer on the outside. You're engaged and there on a totally different level. This is what Christ has in mind. He's not asking us to be observers. He's asking us to participate in our faith, in our total trust in the Father.

So, he's asking us, "Can you completely align with this? Can you realize that when you really know how to look and when you really know how to see and hear you're surrounded by Spirit?"

It's like we're walking through air right now and totally unaware of it. And right now there are hundreds of TV and radio stations beaming their way through us. But we can't pick them up because we don't have a transducer to translate electromagnetic signals into visual or auditory formats.

We're walking through this field of information and we're totally unaware of it. The deeper field of information is Spirit itself. We're walking through Spirit and unaware of the existence of Spirit. It's like fish in the ocean being aware that they're wet but demanding proof that the ocean exists.

And this is what Christ is talking about. When we really "see" and really "listen", we're aware that we are in a sea of Spirit, that Spirit is all around us. And then we can't be anxious. We can't be upset. We can't get angry. We can't be fearful of the future. When we see that we are surrounded by Spirit, we realize that we have a Father in Heaven who provides for us.

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May God continue to hold you tenderly in the hollow of Her hand.

2013-10-06 Look What I See!



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